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My Story

I am an abstract painter working from my home studio in Wiltshire, where I live with my husband and two children. My love for art started at secondary school and has developed throughout my life, through art college and my time working at a photography studio.


My journey as an artist has taken me from traditional life drawing, to seascapes & more recently onto contemporary paintings of the female form. The one thing I have been continually doing throughout is using texture. I LOVE texture in a painting!

A lot of my work begins from a feeling, which grows as I start to put paint & collage on to the canvas, combining the several layers & mark making of abstract art with the human body to produce something unique & the excitement of creating a statement art piece.


My work has been showcased in various local venues in Wiltshire including The Methuen, The Greenhouse, Wadswick Green as well as Sweetpea Café in Hartham Park.

I have recently Exhibited at Brick Lane Gallery, London & have featured in

3x Editions of Vogue Magazine.


Me in painting mode...look at the concentration

Pink Footer

I do also offer commission, and love creating a special, unique collaborative piece. Please feel free to enquire about this on any of my social media pages or email me.

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