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Reflecting on the past year of 2023

My love of drawing & painting the human form caused me some problems this year, I found advertising my life drawings became an issue due to the 'Nude Content'. They weren't particularly vulgur or anything but I suppose social platforms can't manage individual posts & have to class nudity as one.

Therefore, I had to re-evaluate!

'How can I still create my life drawings in a way that I will be able to advertise them?' I know, I will abstract them. This led down a huge new path for me, I started to abstract my paintings so only some of the body was shown & I loved these, the new challenges it brought me & the new way of thinking.

Only one problem, I was still getting some of the images taken down. I was pleased with the results so far & the paintings that I could advertise.

I do believe things happen for a reason in life & this is a good example. I decided to be brave & totally take the figure out!

I was now pushing myself to think in a whole new way as I now didn't have a figure to work on or around, I just had my blank canvas staring at me that I wanted to paint abstract.

Oh where to start!!

I took an online abstract course that took me back to some basics of learning about colour & values & composition. I thouroughly enjoyed this & before I knew it I was applying what I had re-learnt in the course & I was painting abstract. Don't get me wrong they haven't all been amazing & there have been some questionable works but overall I am so happy with what is happening in my artwork & I feel next year is going to be super exciting.

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