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Abstract painting with a vibrant orange centre line. Blue & purple mark making details below & a calm space above.

Running Through My Veins


"Running Through My Veins" is an abstract painting that earned its name because it was as if the artwork was flowing and running through my veins as it was created. Unlike some paintings that can be a lengthy process, this piece was fluid from the very beginning.


The rich, dark blacks and deep purples in the painting beautifully contrast the vibrant and striking orange and turquoise hues, creating a captivating visual experience for the viewer.


This unique artwork will add a dynamic and powerful touch to any space, making it a striking focal point in any room. Whether you're a seasoned art collector or simply looking for a statement piece, "Running Through My Veins" will not disappoint.


Acrylic paint & Mixed Media on canvas.


40x40cm unframed.


Please note this is a one of a kind artwork & the colours may vary from what you see on your screen.

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